September 22, 2003
Raising standards

I just put a video on for Ryan -- taped at low quality on VHS off of PBS back when Dani was little. Teletubbies for his entertainment. (So I can get some work done)

And I'm looking at it and all I can think is how amazingly fuzzy it is. I have become spoiled by Tivo and the quality of digital cable and digital recording. This seems substandard.

And I wonder what it would be like if I put in one of my old tapes recorded on a normal TV with no cable, just antenna reception, and if I could even stand to look at it anymore.

It used to be easier to tune out the fuzziness and see beyond. But I am so used to decent quality now that I cannot suspend my frustration enough to watch it. Still, for the sake of Ryan being quiet, I am willing to put up with the faint buzz. *sighs* It means I can get work done!

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