September 23, 2003
Public Apologies

Apologies to everyone to whom I've been a bitch lately.

Apologies to everyone for not being there when you needed me.

Apologies to everyone I've said I would do something for, then never did.

Apologies to everyone who I've forgotten to call, write, or just say how much I cared.

Apologies for every responsibility I've screwed up on.

Apologies to my children for reacting with crankiness and stress.

Apologies to myself for forgetting who I am. And how to be me.

Apologies to everyone for inconsistencies.

Apologies to my husband for snapping instead of being supportive.

Apologies to my husband for thinking that what I need wins over what you need.

And apologies in general... because I cannot remember everything, and that is a large part of the whole problem. I cannot be everything I want to be, or am supposed to be, or promised to be. Would that my mistakes were small and non-affecting, but I know I've hurt people deeply.

And I'm sorry.

[Listening to: Ob La Di - Save Ferris - DEMO (03:47)]
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