September 26, 2003
The fun of school fundraising

*sighs* One of the problems with Danielle reaching the age of school is that she has now also reached the age of enforced fundraising. There is little that makes me feel more guilty than walking up to someone I know at work and trying to convince them to buy something.

Admittedly, the things are okay. We've got raffle tickets (need to sell $50 worth) and we've got cards and wrapping paper and chocolate and nicknacks. It's just, I hate asking. And the kids aren't allowed to go door to door (the world has changed... I remember singing songs and talking in British accents (no, I don't remember WHY the accents) while selling oranges & grapefruits for choir with my friend CJ in high school. We went out for HOURS and canvassed all up and down Speen St. Had a great time. I remember doing it as a Brownie to sell cookies. But things are different now, and fundraising really means having the parents bring the stuff into work and try to convince people to buy it.

Didn't I do my time already? *sighs*

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