September 28, 2003
Long weekend

It was around 7ish or 8ish or so when I turned to Nigel last night and commented that it was one of those days where it was hard to believe that he had only picked me up to go to Jersey that morning. That I had woken up at 6am to the sound of Ryan playing with his toys, and then 14 hours later was wandering around a sculpture garden, trying to get cool in very hot and humid weather.

Sometimes it seems so surreal to take time away from my family. I hear children and I look for mine. There is a touch on my shoulder and I expect to see Kevin. And then I realize that I am actually on my own... just me. And I am surprised by it.

But now, I'm exhausted. I'm probably off for bed relatively soon, because despite getting my usual 6 hrs of sleep, I am somehow more tired than usual. I really needed to sleep later, but woke up horridly dehydrated. I didn't get near enough to drink yesterday. Nor today. It's going to be a rough (and puffy) day tomorrow.

Back to the grind, back to the routine. Or what amounts to one in our household. Switching schedules with Kev tomorroe, so I'm in late but can work late. Shopping on the way home. Need to figure out what's happening when this week.

Need to make arrangements to get NIgel over for dinner regularly again. Realized that I do miss that -- it was fun heckling Survivor and watching CSI. This week is likely out (family haircut scheduled) although we could certainly do it afterwards. After all, Kev and I will still be watching TV anyway, right?

I think it's going to be a long week. We'll all survive it. *smiles*

[Listening to: The Rain Within Her Hands - Bella Morte - Dive (05:06)]

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