September 29, 2003
Struggling to stay awake

Had trouble sleeping last night. My right arm is driving me nuts... feels like a rubber band popping right at the inner side of the bend in my elbow. Gotta love the fibro. I need to put heat on my shoulder tonight, and reduce some of the inflammation so that I don't have this problem tonight.

So I didn't get all that much sleep, and today I feel like I am sleepwalking. Putting me in a far more introspective mood than is healthy for work.

On the other hand, I finished IR (YAY!) and am working on specs for some things that need to be finished up. I have to split my attention this week between staging (3 to do today) and specs (one really important one for P3 still to do) and new non-P3 projects. However, it is interesting stuff at least.

If only I can stay awake.

Posted by Deb Atwood at September 29, 2003 09:56 AM | TrackBack

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