October 05, 2003
Check list for the day

1. Laundry (3 loads minimum)

Update 3:30 pm -- first load in dryer, second in washer
Update 6:00 pm -- second load in dryer, third in washer
Update 8:30 pm -- third load in the dryer... which means I'm mostly done

2. Apple cake
Done and cooling...

3. Cheesecake brownies
In the oven
Update 3:30pm -- cooling

4. Chocolate rice crispy treats
Update 6:00 pm -- Done, cut up, put away

5. Apple pie
Update 3:30 pm -- Cooling
Update 8:30 pm -- and it tasted yummy

6. Fudge

7. Brownies

8. Cookies

9. Update blog links
Update 8:30 pm -- Done on blogrolling, and linked into Places to Go. At least, it's a partly updated list. It's not quite right yet. But it's getting there. Now I just need to find a way to make it into something more like the LJ friends page to make it better.

10. One crit
Update 8:30 pm -- For some reason I'm having a hell of a time picking pieces to crit. It's hard to get back into the groove after so long out.

That's a long list... maybe writing it down will make it all happen. (yah, right!)

Update 6:00 pm -- The kids are eating dinner, and I am in major pain in my back. Which is so not good. I'm tired too. Somewhat in a pleasant way, except for the kids throwing thing at me aspect of it. Dinner's on the stove (soup) and the salad's made. Ryan's going to bed soon, which is good -- maybe I can eat dinner in peace. I think I'm giving up on the rest of the baking for the day. It's just not going to happen. I'm spending the evening on my couch.

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