October 09, 2003
Leigh's Trump

Leigh, from Jvstin's Strange Bedfellows, finally has a Trump of her own. The model is Laura Prepon, and handily enough, she was even dressed in the House colors and I didn't have to do a bit to change it other than making it look drawn instead of photoed!

The only bummer is that it is missing the braid Leigh is currently wearing, having shifted her hair to the right color so that her braid is her pride in her House. *smiles* But that was just WAY too much work to entwine a green & purple braid down the side of her face. So her hair can just stay all red for the moment.


Posted by Deb Atwood at October 09, 2003 11:12 PM | TrackBack

Intense young lady!

Posted by: jenn on October 11, 2003 07:53 PM
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