June 29, 2002
GameWISH, Mark II

I woke up this morning and thought of a successful relationship that has a hell of a story behind it, and definitely trumps either Celia & Madoc, or Talis & Eldan. The hills and valleys in this one, and that it became one of the best relationships I've seen played through, make it SUCH a better choice.

So anyway, I refuse to edit my past post to remove the one I said. Because I said it for good reason. But this one is better, so I'm adding it to the list.

This romance began in the most unlikely of fashions, in my World of Darkness game (Where Chaos Reigns). Jim Rain, a 500 year old vampire, wanted to learn Thaumaturgy. At the time, he was blood-bonded to a new created vampire by the name of Linnette. The two of them sought out Lawrence (Laurie) Cuthbert, a Tremere, to teach them the basics of magic. Jim had been turned at the height of teenage hormones, and Laurie was just well, flirtatious and voracious. And Linnette was caught in the middle. The three had a strong relationship until Laurie and Linnette saw that the building Jim was in blew up (yes, Jim was the PC). They searched and searched, but Jim was dead.

Laurie was devestated. He left the States and returned to England where he remained for a few years. He began one relationship in the wake of Jim’s loss (only admitting to himself, barely, how he felt about Jim after his death) but that failed. [That story is the one published by Circlet Press actually.]

Then one day Laurie received a phone call, and a wispy little girl voice said, “Laurie? Its me… Jim.” Laurie stared at the phone dumfounded as the voice continued, “The magic worked. I came back. I’m in Scotland and I’m a little girl and my mom’s a mage. Come get me.”

While Jim had been learning magic from Laurie, he created his own path of tantric magic, which included a ritual for preparing the soul for resurrection. Of course, none of them knew if it would work for a vampire, but they had performed the ritual not long before Jim's death.

And so, in fact, he hadn't died. Jim Rain was now Bridget, who seemed to be the child prodigy of the greatest druid in Britain. Her mother was surprised by how early the girl's talents appeared, but took it in stride as the strength of her blood, not realizing that the two year old Bridget also had all the memories (and magical knowledge) of a 500 year old vampire.

Laurie appeared on Bridget's doorstep, wishing to take the child prodigy to his magic school in London, where she could be trained properly. When it showed that the girl took to the handsome vampire, and knowing that the vampire had a good reputation despite being dead, Bridget's mother agreed. And as soon as they arrived in London, Laurie prepared a ritual to age Bridget to a point of her desiring (she chose the same age at which Jim had been turned, with the intention that she could age normally from there). And Bridget joined the school.

But there was still all this ancient history between them. Laurie hadn't forgotten Jim, and having him back as Bridget was both joyous and painful. And Bridget had not forgotten Laurie either. She delighted in teasing him, tempting him. And being as Laurie was drop-dead gorgeous anyway, she didn't seem all that different from all the other girls in the school who also flirted outrageously with the headmaster.

Bridget was determined to have Laurie again. Laurie was determined to do the right thing and keep his hands off of her. In the end, Bridget won (the story, not currently on my site, is "A Mild Obsession", a part of the Chaotic Erotica and posted online probably around 10 years ago). The two began a tumultuous relationship.

Anyone who knew them knew how strongly they felt about each either. It was an open relationship, because neither was the exclusive sort. But Laurie was utterly devoted to Bridget, and she to him. When one was hurt, the other went to any lengths for vengeance. And when Bridget said that the one thing she wanted was a child -- *his* child -- Laurie agreed to perform a ritual that left him mortal for the space of a week. It was the biggest sacrifice he could make, to leave himself so vulnerable for her, but it worked, and the two conceived their daughter Jezebel.

Through the entire thing, Jim/Bridget was a PC -- the change in self had actually been planned by us because Jim had become unplayable due to being on the wrong side of the fence with the other PCs and Shawn didn't want to leave the campaign or start completely fresh. But we let people believe he had started fresh, and he left how Jim was reincarnated to me. I made him female in part because the name occurred to me so it seemed right, and in part because I wanted to challenge Shawn's roleplaying. Which worked.

The whole thing just kept coming together. Just kept working. They went through hell but in the long run, Bridget and Laurie were together. Laurie had his other loves, but Bridget was THE ONE. Their character, and their romance, came alive and was a central point of the game.

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