July 04, 2002
GameWISH 3, part 2

And once again, as I am thinking about it later, I remember something I should have said. And once again, I am refusing to go back and change anything, so I'm just gonna add on here.

Arthurian legends. I know, trite. And nothing special. But utterly pervasive in my gaming. There is so much, so many archetypes, that I simply cannot resist them!! I am known for it, and I've amused people when I *haven't* used them. This goes with my tendency for mythological themes, as well as religious. In IWS I used greek mythology (had to when I had a player choose Castor as a character name, with a dead twin Pollux -- I reread that myth and ran with it). I like to draw from really basic stuff, I suppose.

Midsummer Night's Dream. How could I forget? Jack referred to it as a recasting, but I thought of it as a strong influence. Bridgette and I ran "To 'Scape the Serpent's Tongue" at TBR which just went awesomely. We are hoping to rerun it at ACUS, if we can find a slot we can both do it in. The quote for the description, and for the title, both come from the Shakespeare play, and the original inspiration came from there as well.

Shakespeare is another one I love to use. Yes, yes, another classic. And at TBR I wasn't the only one -- I was thinking about Serpent's Tongue in the car on the drive home from ACUS, because Bridgette and I had just agreed we were going to do it if she was going to be able to make TBR, and then it got DJ all thinking on Shakespeare, and he ran "Amber in Love" which wasn't Shakespeare but the title was inspired by the conversation about Shakespearean love comedies, and also "Much Ado About Benedict", if I'm remembering the title correctly, which would obviously be stemmed from a conversation about "Much Ado About Nothing". Ah yes, gotta love Shakespeare.

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 04, 2002 11:47 PM

Good point. I also forgot myth and Shakespeare. Probably because the tend to be my default influences. I forget that most people don't keep a Complete Works and a dictionary of symbolism by the bed so they can check that illusive reference at 3 in the morning because it just can't wait until later. It's the sort of stuff that influences me regardless of whether I want it to or not.

Posted by: Claire Bickell on July 5, 2002 06:25 AM
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