July 12, 2002
Gaming as an Adult

Ginger said... If you have to give up gaming when you're 34, I'm doomed. I don't seem to show any signs of it, though.

Thankfully I don't show any signs of it either. *grins* Although I *do* find I'm able to do FTF less and less. *grumbles* *pouts*

Part of it is where I live. There aren't that many gamers around here, without driving huge distances, and well, I don't know any other GMs who do the style I'd like to play in the immediate vicinity of where I live. Driving's okay once a month, but unless we're going near my parents' place, or the place is kid-friendly, it just doesn't work with the kids. So when WEF ends, until I start running something or someone else runs and we can bring the kids along, the cons are going to be it for me. Which is why I will continue to go to ACUS and TBR, no matter what! I still kinda wish Kevin could go to ACUS with me -- I think he'd enjoy it.

But I honestly don't see myself stopping gaming. I think I'll still be doing it when Dani's a teenager and old enough to be embarassed by mom acting young. And when Dani has kids and I want to teach *them* to game. I mean, why not?? Its GREAT exercise for the imagination.

After all, if I can be a mom and write erotica, why can't I age and still game?? *grins* Besides, it keeps us all young, right??

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 12, 2002 11:20 PM

Believe it!
I refuse to be the only gamer corrupting the young to rpgs.

Posted by: Arref on July 15, 2002 07:55 AM

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