July 16, 2002
Gaming & Life

Just responding to a few of the comments... *smiles*

Scott said...
They would have dragged me away in chains at 34 if it was illegal to be gaming. :)

Okay, well, yes, me too. *smiles* It ranks up there with "mommy's don't write that!" which is my description of some of the fiction I write. But I refuse to stop gaming, and stop writing erotica, just because I'm now a 34 year old mother of two. Rather, I think I need to keep doing all my fave hobbies simply to keep myself in some semblance of sanity!

Y'know, I think the world would be a better place if more people used a safe way to escape from life for a while like gaming.

One of these days I'll give a true history of me as a gamer -- from D&D and Greyhawk to the Masks of Nyarlothotep; from cheesy villains in V&V (Champions is one of the =few= games I've never played, much to my chagrin) and Superhero: 2044 (an old chestnut if ever there was one), to Storm Knights in TORG, I've done a lot.

I think that's one really good quality in a gamer -- someone who's tried a lot of different systems. Just because experience is really the best way to find out what's good and what's not, and to teach a person how to make a judgement call or throw out the rules when necessary. Its hard to say that to a novice gamer and have them know enough to throw out the right stuff so that it doesn't harm the game.

I'm not saying that everyone ends up having the same view of systems and how to modify them, nor that there *is* only one good view. Just that experience with a lot of different things gives one a good idea of how to find *one* right way.

It's odd how we've returned to 3rd Edition, too. I discovered last year that it's =fun=. Sure, it has its problems, but I find I really enjoy it.

I haven't played it much yet -- only via PBEM. I've been reading the rules, and *want* to run it because well, there were things about AD&D that I liked (go ahead, everyone, laugh!). I liked the class system enough to mimic it with my own guild system, but I always felt it needed a better explanation, and more flexibility. And there is something about that is simply well... fantasy. *smiles* Its a particular style of fantasy and of game feel that isn't done by any other game. While other games may be "better", there is *nothing* that has the feel of AD&D.

I perused Amber some time back as our friend Gareth has a copy, but we never tried it out.
Ooh, try it. But that's my opinion and I'm an addict. *grins* But if you like the books (and at least the GM really needs to *know* the books) give it a whirl. But be prepared for intense roleplaying and a need to trust the GM and the other players (although not necessarily the characters).

Of course, that means I should do my rant on diceless RP and intense RP one of these days.

We also have Aria, which conceptually sounded stunning, but we only have one of the two books needed. You need a PhD in anthropology to play this one.
What's Aria? *curious look*

Runequest and TORG are my two great loves, though, for gaming. Nothing beats Glorantha for a game world with the possible exception of Tekumel/Petal Throne, and TORG with its reality/genre-blending cannot be topped.

Oddly enough, my experience with Runequest and TORG came together... had a friend who like the TORG world, but not the system, so he ran it with Runequest underlying it. Which worked really really well, IMO, for the little time that it ran. At least, I enjoyed it anyway!

Kim said...
It's cheap?!? Cheap?! Somebody tell Scott that! ;p

*laughter* Okay, okay, depends on the outlook. *grins* It wasn't cheap for me, either, when I was obsessively buying every White Wolf supplement that came out for two or three years straight.

But now that I have most of what I need (I need a few small books for d20, stuff like that), its pretty cheap. The travel costs me more than the game -- cuz I have to travel or host lots of people in order to get a good gaming crew together. Everyone moved away. *pouts*

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Systems and POVs.
Absolutely don't have to share views. Julian, Ginger, Meera, Kris, and all the others have distinct takes on those systems very different from me...and yet, I can't help by believe that we'd all do fine in a game together.

Energy and enthusiasm probably counts for more than system and setting.

ps. note: you've got an extra html italics tag somewhere as you entire page has switched to italics below this post.

Posted by: Arref on July 17, 2002 03:39 PM

Thanks, Arref, on the formatting catch! I'd missed closing out an way back in the middle of the whole thing. Made the whole quoting thing sort of not work. *smiles*

Posted by: D. on July 17, 2002 08:06 PM

Eek! Just found a bad attribution on my part -- I already commented on Ginger's comments awhile back (forgetful me!) and then said she said what Scott said, which was similar, but not actually the same. Whoops! Will be fixing that shortly...

Posted by: D. on July 17, 2002 08:09 PM

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