July 30, 2002
Searching for Inspiration

I have a craving to write. I'm already doing my gaming, and working on a new game to run (Mask of the Innocent). I'm putting together background information on that.

Yet, when it comes to my fiction, I am inexplicably stumped. I think a part of it is that there is no one to really talk to about it, much. So projects fall by the wayside, only begun but never finished. And a part of it is timing. I have things that have been started that I feel like they require more concentration to complete.

What I'd like to do are writing exercises. Things I never have to think about getting published. Things I can put up here just to get them out of my head. Short scenes and vignettes about a topic.

The problem is, short of a book of quotations, I can't come up with the bloody topics.

*sighs* It has been said that ideas come from a PO Box in Schenectady. You'd think some of them could manage to 30 mile trip out to my place!

Posted by Deb Atwood at July 30, 2002 11:19 PM | TrackBack

Passing thru and found this post however so long ago... I feel the same when it comes to being inspired. Its so hard lately in this kind of society so focused on itself and what money you can make from it. I think that its great that you write and get published I write so much poetry and cant get published although I know my work is beautiful. I tend to do the same starting things then just letting them go like sand thru my fingers, a brief memory of something great barely visible thru time. I guess for you even though this is some time after this post that music can help you, just light some candles and hide away from everything let your mind wander and dont be afraid of what you might come accross...and never give up on what your heart stirs inside your soul.....

Posted by: Wanderer on December 22, 2002 09:41 PM
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