August 07, 2002
Creating a New Campaign

I'm in the process of working on all the background information for a new campaign I'm planning.

The idea sprang mostly formed into my head as we were driving home from WEF. I suppose the thought of a lack of FTF gaming made my imagination kick into overdrive. Or maybe I just got lucky. Either way, Mask of the Innocent was born.

It is going to be a Superworld game -- dark, grim and gritty superheros. I love the system and am busily rereading it now. I've started character creation, and yes, I am even intending to use dice.

I've decided to deal only with local players at this point. I've actually got between 8 and 10 players on the invite list already, just dealing locally. I'm not sure how many will play when all is said and done. I'm hoping to send out the invitations by the end of the week. I need to collect some more email addresses before I can do that, or else just print out the invites and hand deliver those I can, and give others to pass along to the friends of friends I'm hoping might play.

As I go rambling along on the site, I'd certainly love any comments anyone might care to offer. I've been brainstorming so far by babbling away at Kevin and Josh. But of course, I don't want to babble any of the details they *wouldn't* know. And I can't blog about those here, either, since Liz reads the site and hopefully she'll be playing too. *smiles*

See, a public forum is both a great idea and a bad idea all at once!

I'd better get those invites out. I think a large part of the inspiration will be finishing coming as I start getting character concepts from my players. But in the meantime, I've got a few more metagaming posts to get done for the site. I've done the political situation, and the "so now you're a super" post. I now need to do the "Deb's philosophy of gaming" post and the "how to build a character" post. Then it'll be a decent starting reference for the new players in the game. Especially those who haven't gamed with me before.

I'm seriously thinking of telling any new players that they should read my site. I mean, as a GM, I'm not always as strange and twisted as my characters. And for some strange reason, Josh laughed when I said that when we were walking the other day. Which, I suppose, is why I'm considering making it mandatory reading. I like it when my players have an idea just how far out there my brain can go. That when I say I am a no-holds-barred GM I mean it -- I have played through all kinds of things, and if it is a part of reality and a way to push character (NOTE: NOT PLAYER) buttons, I'll do it. I want to have emotionally involved characters, because then they have goals and reactions and they do things, and together we build the plot.

And in the long run, I just want all of us to have fun. And if I'm going to wig a player out, its better that we all know it in advance and just don't go there. I think between the AoW stories (what little there are posted) and the Jenny and Adrienne stuff, this site gives a pretty good overview of where my mind can go. And asking me questions fills in the blanks. Just trying for the good policy of honesty...

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