August 09, 2002
Mask of the Innocent

Construction of the new game continues. The goal is to have invitations ready for Monday, so I can hand out a couple at work, and get some to Josh to pass on when he gets the chance. But I'm rolling right along, and its going well. Check out the website to see how its going. In the interest of communication, I've most recently added a section on what its like to game with me. And what the players need to know about me, and what I need to know about them.

I am, at this point, intending to invite 8 people to play. I'm guessing not all of them will accept, but we'll see how that goes. I am inviting my husband, two married couples, a married guy, and two single guys. I really wish I knew some more female players to invite. If there are any women out there in Albany NY looking for a good, semi-realistic, roleplaying oriented game, drop me a note and we'll talk!!

In the meantime, I've got just a few more things to write and it'll all be ready. And there's a part of me which can't wait!!

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