August 31, 2002

Well, the first sessions is over and done with, and after some definite chaos, it worked out well.

The session began with some nice social time -- everyone collecting at the house and the barbecue beginning. Got the swordfish and steaks on, got the other stuff laid out, and everyone had a nice lunch and the people who hadn't met before had a chance to say hi.

Then we started in with the character building. I did the first parts -- rolling of stats (yes, Superworld still rolls random stats, and its actually a feature I *like* in it) and the assigning of historical skills -- as a group. Then with Mike's help, we got the powers laid down for all the characters. I'd estimated a few hour for social and character building, but we spent a little longer on social I think (we always do) and then the character building was confusing because it used points and dice, so for the newer players they had to try to learn the system and understand the lingo all at once. Which was just difficult for me to remember how to put it in the right terms so it made sense.

In the end, I think it worked out okay. Before the next session I'm intending to do up a cheat sheet of sorts to make it easier for all the players to track their energy use, and understand what they are rolling and when. I do remember what its like to be sitting there staring at my dice and asking, "What die do I roll and should it be high or low???"

In a way, it was weird using dice again. And in a way, it was really cool. I think I kept them from being intrusive but they were useful as well. And as I do the synopsis for the website, I need to also jot down experience points for each player so I don't lose track of those. There will be about 3-4 sessions in the first scenario, so I won't be giving out the actual XP for a few months yet. So I don't want to lose track. Also I need to jot down dots for successful skill rolls, which I entirely forgot about during the game.

This would be why I need to put together a cheat sheet, so a few things run more smoothly. But then, I haven't done this in ages (and have only played, but never before run, Superworld) so I hope I can be excused at least somewhat.

So now, tonight, I need to do the synopsis before I forget, and add some data to various character pages that can be published publicly. Get the website all updated and notified, and everything'll be cool for the night. Then I've just got more work to do before next session. Glad we're only playing monthly!!!

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