October 02, 2002
On the subject of naming

Names. When you start a character, its one of the first things you need. Okay, its one of the first things *I* need. I find the name, in part, defines the character. It sort of defines how they *sound* in my head. How I see them.

I was looking at the sidebar and remembering one truism. There seems to be a pattern to names. Sometimes you get stuck on a letter, and it seems like every character you create begins with that name. Like the year at Ambercon when I had just created Adrienne shortly before it, and then followed her up by adding Amery and Aileen to the roster. And looking over at the list, there're Kale, Krystol, and Kylie -- but they were all created at different times.

G and D are two of my big ones. Although its hard to see that here. Oh, and J and when G sounds like J. For one campaign I had SO many major NPCs that began with J that I swear I started to lose track. There was Jordan and Jared and Jade and um... okay, I *did* lose track. Some of them were Josh's fault because they were the other three aspects of him, so they HAD to start with a J. Jordan and Jared were my own fault though.

And then there is the meaning of a name. I've named people sometimes because it sounds interesting. Kale is a seaweed after all, or a vegetable. Or, then it becomes Kayleigh or K. Leigh or some other name. Which works, since if you asked her the name she was born with she couldn't tell you.

Damara was a name I made up, or so I thought. Its really the name and styling of an NPC in another game I was running, and I borrowed her for a PC. I miss Chaos Theory (her campaign) right now... its sort of on hold and its really hard not knowing what's happening since we were so close to the end. A part of me wonders if Damara is dead and I just don't know it yet. If she made a mistake and got herself killed. It'd be depressing... I worked so hard on her, and she's tried so hard just to get to where she's at. But I do wish I knew.

Anyway, her name. I really did think I made the name up when I used it. I did it by sounds. Later, I looked it up, and have found various meanings for it. "One who is like a sheep" or "gentle girl" or "who walked here" which is the meaning for a tribe of people named the Damaras. My Damara is far from gentle -- she is a warrior girl -- and she is no sheep. But she is certainly well-traveled.

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