November 03, 2002

Okay, I'm blowing off writing for the moment. I'm above my necessary word count, and while I've got about an hour left in the day to write and want to get another 1000 words under my belt, I also want to do some progress posting.

I've started a new blog just for this purpose (and yes it'll sit there doing nothing when I'm done) called Insanity is Contagious. I'm posting my excerpts there, and with any luck, a few other people will be doing so as well. Er, if there are any others out there who would like to join in that particular fray, drop me a note. 'kay?

Its been really cool to see that there are others in this little blogging network who are doing NaNoWriMo! This is really really neat. And fun. And exhausting. I think, somehow, I'll manage to get more done during the week than on weekends, tho. Its hard to get away on the weekends, hard to find the time to write.

I've rediscovered the writing fugue. I'd forgotten it really... the ability of a writer to simply disappear into the world and resurface a few pages later and suddenly go where the hell did the time go? I almost forgot to take my daughter to her party last night. And this morning I would've happily started writing and just kept on going except Kevin would've been unhappy if I'd stuck him with the kids without notice. So I stopped.

Its impossible to write when there's a baby pulling on the laptop. This is just most definitely true.

Anyway, I'm at about 5300 words and still going. Will it be done in 50,000 words? Who knows. But if I make it that far, then I've made good inroads into a novel and well, I should be able to finish the bloody thing. Then we'll see if its worth reading. I'm not happy with it. Not thrilled. But then, I usually hate my own writing. *smiles*

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