December 30, 2002
Setting goals

Okay, I've set my official goal. Its very realistic -- only 500 words a day. Today I made it to 1152. But right now I'm obsessing over Choices, which is a rewrite of an older story. I've reached about the point that the story ended at before, and I'm at 3800 words. There's still a significant little chunk to the story, and I'm wondering if it'll come in at under 5k words, which is what it'd need to go to the anthology I'd like to submit it to. Of course, for that, I'd also need to finish it before Feb 28th -- only 2 months away. Can I do it? I can finish the writing of it, but can I have it edited and in tip-top shape by then?

Gods, I hope so. I've gotta get back on the market, back to work.

Posted by Deb Atwood at December 30, 2002 11:32 PM | TrackBack

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