January 04, 2003
Forcing Creativity

In the past couple of weeks I've pushed out two short stories. Both flowed from my fingertips, ideas brought to fruition with an ease and grace that surprised me. One just because, and one inspired by an anthology.

So now, I'm sitting here with another anthology concept before me -- one I should be able to do in my sleep -- and I've stuttered multiple times. I keep starting and restarting and redeciding on what I'm doing. I just can't seem to get started. Its like creativity has slipped away, leaving me bereft and lonely with my fingers resting on the keyboard and nothing left to type.

Its frustrating. I sat here, staring into space, working out an idea. I thought I had one, but I couldn't seem to flesh it out quite properly. So I figured hey, start typing. That always works, right? But the dialog is forced, the concept faltering. I think there's something there, but I don't have it right yet.

A story of obsession centering around a gay man. Good god, there are so many gay men in my head, and I swear all of them are obsessive... this should be easy. Why is this one story I want so desperately to write so hard to get out???

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