January 06, 2003

Added a link on the sidebar to Jenn's site for Stranger Still to Come and the Dreamer. I still haven't found the absolutely perfect quote for the character, but I did find one that worked well.

I am slowly trying to flesh out my character pages, but I will be lucky to keep up with them. Writing 500 words per day, along with work, is tapping me out quite a bit. Today I've written nothing. But then, I also didn't finish working until about half an hour ago.

On the other hand, writing has been well, working. I'm in the middle of a twisted little tale of gay lust and obsession, in an attempt to get into the "Law of Desire" anthology. I suppose it would be odd if my second published piece were also gay male erotica, but why not? If I'm good at it, why not?

I've also finished Choices, which I want to submit to another anthology (vampire cockroaches, and yes, I'm serious) but its too long. I need to query for that, but beforehand I need to do revisions, and well, I really really could use some critical reading on it. I've already done my first pass and I know its not perfect, but I'm not sure which parts need fixing, either.

Its always easier to read someone else's work critically, rather than my own. *sighs*

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