January 11, 2003
Ambercon Games

Well, everything's submitted. I'm running two games this year.

One will be my campaign -- "Rite of Passage". I started the campaign live at ACUS back in 1997. Had to take a break in 1998, the year I brought Danielle to the con. But I managed to run even with Ryan in hand this past year. It runs via PBEM between cons, and has been going fairly decently. I'd really like to pick up a new player or two, but I don't want to increase too much. And I'd like it to be someone I know. But I'm shy when it comes to rating my own GMing capability, especially with regards to a campaign, so I don't want to go out specifically hunting someone. So I figure if someone crosses my path and sounds intrigued, I'll talk.

The other is the game I am co-running with Bridgette -- To 'Scape the Serpent's Tongue. I'm *really* looking forward to it. We ran the game at TBR and just had an absolute blast. I'm hoping it goes half as well at Ambercon. Although at TBR we only had 4 players, and at ACUS we will have at least double that, I am sure. But its a romp of a game, and adult, and silly. So it'll be fun.

I've got a roommate for ACUS and am working on a driving companion. Working on getting the whole trip settled out. And this is my big trip on my own for the year... my big chance to relax. Which is a major deal to me.

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I look forward to Serpent's Tongue, and of course as the most recent addition to Rites, I look forward to Cadmus' latest adventures.

Its a pity that my gaming circle is pretty much circumscribed by yours, any of the candidates either aren't going (eg. Arref) or are already in the game (Bridgette, Keith)

Posted by: Paul on January 13, 2003 12:07 PM


so much to do, so little time

Posted by: Arref on January 13, 2003 03:07 PM
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