January 19, 2003
It's Off!

Okay, "Metamorphosis" is in the mail, sent off to the Law of Desire anthology as of yesterday (Saturday). I've got it logged into Sonar as out, and now I can sit here and whimper when I haven't heard. And either rejoice or cry when I have. *smiles*

The most important thing is, I'm not planning to send it anymore -- it's gone and I can't get it back!

Posted by Deb Atwood at January 19, 2003 04:10 PM | TrackBack

Was doing a search for "Law of Desire" Anthology on the web because I was explaining to a friend of mine about the anthology and found your pages...did you succeed? Looking forward to the anthology.

Posted by: Wolfie on April 3, 2003 10:37 PM

Party Pocker - Poker

Posted by: Party Pocker on October 19, 2004 05:38 AM
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