January 20, 2003
Writing Marathon -- Week #3

And the third week has ended, with me at only 1900 words for the week, instead of 3000. Yikes. Yeah, that's way below limit. On the other hand, most of those words came from outlining Shades of Grey, which is starting to work on turning into a real novel, and not just a 50,000 word short story. Which is what it felt like.

Chris (yeah, the guy who got me doing NaNo in the first place) read through and red-penned the whole thing with some great comments. That helped jump-start me back into revising it again, and I'd like to get two chapters up onto the writing workshop per week. We'll see how that goes.

As I've already said, I spent time on "Metamorphosis" this week, too, revising it and getting it out the door. I've also spent an awful lot of time on market research. Unfortunately, I've been finding it really hard to sell stories over the size of 5k words, which is a bad thing. Since I tend to write longer stories. *groans*

However, I did find a possible market for "Fade", so that's on the rev list for this week. The publication is only biannual, so I have until June 1st to submit it. I just have to make sure to keep it under 1700 words, and not revise it to death. But it *does* need revision, very much so.

And again, like I said last week, as long as I'm doing *something* each day that's good, right?

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