January 29, 2003
Writing Marathon -- Week #4

Okay, so its just about the end of the marathon. One more week after this. Again, I've only produced 1900 words. Which means my daily average in real life seems to be more like 250 than the 500 I wanted. Yuck. However, that doesn't take into account gaming, blogging, critting, or revising. All of which take up a lot of time and do produce words, but they aren't counted.

On the other hand, I've been feeling really creative, trying to bounce off in sixteen different directions, and haven't been up for actually *finishing* things, just starting them. So my new goal isn't just to write, but to write the same bloody thing for enough days for it to be DONE.

Right now, I've got a modern day fantasy, an SF, a fantasy for the Feb Challenge (twist the old tired "The Chosen One" plotline and make it new), and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something, all in the works at the same time, plus revisions on the three stories I already posted, and revisions on "Shades of Grey".

I need more readership on the Workshop. *groans* I'm not sure how to get it. I'm trying to crit more and more, but Grey still has only one reader, and I need far more in depth comments than that. I think its because it's YA. Unfortunately. So I'm just going a little nuts trying to do crits and hoping someone reads it and decides well, it's good enough to follow. Problem is, I think it's just a little too typical YA to engage their interest. It almost makes me want to trunk it, but I want to get through that first revision and really feel like it's done before I set it aside. Y'know?

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