January 29, 2003
Wake up!

The problem with writing is that sometimes it acts as a wake-up call. I was exhausted this evening, wishing I could go to bed around 9:30 (odd for me, but I've been tired lately). But I had to stay up and await the laundry being finished.

So I settled in to write.

And then I looked up and discovered that 900 words later it was also more than an hour and a half later. Wow. I'm happy with what I wrote (we'll see if I still feel that way tomorrow) and now that I've noticed the time I feel like I'm about to pass out. So it's off to bed with me.

But even after all this time as a writer, I'm still amazed at how writing can feel like being "out of time" for a while. It just flits away and is gone.

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