February 08, 2003
bad writing habits

Urgh. Just started to add some words to a particular SF (yes, I'm actually attempting to write an SF piece) story I was working on and discovered that within the first page I had the phrased "seemed to" three times. So far.

There are things that just make the writing sound passive, dull, and boring. That's one of those phrases. Either it is, or it isn't, or she *thinks* it is. And if she thinks it, then I need a better phrase to describe it.

Writing is definitely moving from skill to work here... hard work. Worth it, I hope. My sense of self worth is improved today, but far from perfect. I'm hoping Boskone will actually be a lift. We'll see.

My goal? Have something in print or coming soon so that next year at Boskone people know my name as something other than a member of the Floating East Coast Art Show Crew. I really want to hear people say "oh, so you're THAT Deb Atwood" for something other than net.infamy.

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