October 15, 2003
Catching up...

It's Wednesday, and I'm mostly caught up after Albacon. Kevin cashed out the art show tonight because he was counting money anyway, and I was in the middle of something else still after Dani's gymnastics class. Email's basically caught up, and I'm happy because I've got everything moving pretty smoothly again. Yay.

Writing's still a bust. I haven't prepped more for NaNo yet. Haven't done any crits since those three I cranked out last week. I'm going to give up soon and post my October challenge piece, but I *really* wanna do a few more crits first. Maybe this weekend.

Going down to Toigo's for the weekend -- housewarming thingamajig. I'm really looking forward to it, since I'll get to see people I don't see all that often. And he's got a high speed hookup, so I don't have to quit cold turkey for 48 hrs. *grins* Besides, I'll have Kev's phone and will likely be online on the way down the thruway again. *chortles* Silly, but fun. And a good way of catching up on things!

Other goals for the weekend include eventually doing some food shopping and starting to cook again. Things were going well there for a little while. Now it's all gone to hell again and I'm relying on comfort food, which means eating out oriental food an awful lot. Yummy, but not great on the diet.

Okay, maybe I'm not *ALL* caught up. But I'm getting there. And now, it's time to go catch up on a little more of that sleep stuff.

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