November 01, 2003
NaNo begins today

Okay, today begins NaNoWriMo. Instead of starting from the beginning this year (which I could, I suppose) I am going to use the month to jumpstart Dreamwalker and get that moving.

I just set up my tracking spreadsheet. I'm starting out with 19578 words already written for Dreamwalker. When I'm done, I should have almost 70k words. If I can write to goal of 2k words per day (instead of the requisite 1667) I will be at almost 80k. Since I'm thinking the novel is around 100k when done, that means I'll be close to the end, and maybe I can keep momentum going and finish it up. *fingers crossed*

Am I writing great literature? No. Definitely no. Dreamwalker is intended to be fun. It's the first novel in a world of strange religious mythology, mixing Christianity and Paganism. I've realized I've got two more, completely unassociated with Dreamwalker -- "Gospel of the Ghost" and "A Barren Place". I think they actually progress in some way, too... it was sort of a surprise to realize they were even associated in any way. But the mythology is coming together.

So anyway, today it begins (with me daydreaming about becoming the next Jack Chalker or Connie Willis or Lois McMaster Bujold, and then wanting to be able to get a Hugo so I can tell my stories while accepting and then realizing that I am just so full of shit and laughing at myself). But first, a trip out to the stores to get stuff and get pics done of Ryan and then later I've got work... and somewhere I'll squeeze in 2k words. Whee!

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