November 01, 2003
NaNo update

1701 for the first day!

And better yet, I finally finished chapter 4, which I've been struggling horribly with for months. I honestly thought I would finish it while in Toronto for worldcon, but I just couldn't get the time alone to write towards the end of the con. There is a relief in starting off by finishing something that has been dragging for so long.

Better yet, two of the three main characters have now met. I still have to trace the rest of the path going forward, but the work has begun again.

Yeah, this is the time for elation. Give me another week, and I'll be panicking over how I'll never finish. I remember this from last year! *chuckles*

Tonght, I work. So that tomorrow I can write again.

[As my husband has noted... it is November... he'll see me again sometime in December...]

My favorite description of the day... which ain't perfect, but I rather like the image it paints:

"I have Mrs. Olsen with me," he continued. A second set of footsteps came in behind him. Flat soled shoes, worn enough to slide along the floor instead of tapping with each step. Faint sound only, as if she knew how to walk silently and made this concession so that we knew she was there. No scent, no cologne. Her breath was light. I felt as if she could be invisible to me, unless she wished me to know she was there.

[Listening to: An Ode to Maybe - Third Eye Blind - Blue (02:36)]

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