November 09, 2003
weekend in review

Last night I got to see the total eclipse, which was wonderful. The shadow swept slowly across the moon, bathing it in a greyish red glow. It was never actually fully dark, but always shadowed. We must have been just slightly off in angle, here, because the bottom was lighter than the top. And it was a full moon, which made it just all that much more spectacular. Dani loved it too. We ran outside every fifteen minutes to watch the progression.

I've been spending a lot of time this weekend writing. NaNo progresses well (and I've been babbling over on Insanity and put up a couple of small excerpts. I'm not entirely thrilled with my writing all the time, but I'm doing my best.

Bought sneakers. My old ones were shot, and I'm starting step class this week. Yes, back to exercising. Weights on Monday, step on Tuesday, Ryan's gymnastics class on Wednesday. Got to start walking at lunch, but that'll be in December, after NaNo's over and I don't need to squeeze in writing on my lunch 15 minutes.

Today I'm also trying desperately to crank through laundry. I want to write another 3k words, and do four loads of laundry, plus the stuff I brought home from work to do (because I didn't have time all week!). Add in cooking a good and healthy dinner (white rice for the kids, brown jasmine for us, stir fry...). It's going to be a busy day.

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