November 17, 2003
Aleve seems to be a good thing

Pain update. I started taking Aleve, which seems to be a HUGE help. I'm totally off the guaifenisen, so I am now basically taking nothing for the fibro, save exercise. Which I won't be doing tonight, since I'm basically unconscious at the moment.

The sleep issues are what's taking the most out of me. I thought I had found a way to push my body to sleep in 5-6 stints, but that failed last night. I'd been staying up till between midnight and 1am, which gave me a good crash and sleep until the alarm went off. Then last night I was up until 1 and then tossed and turned till about 4am... which means next to no sleep last night and I'm a zombie today. And the pain increases, of course, with the lack of sleep.

But I like Aleve. Easy on the tummy (much less indigestion in the last week) and it seems to take the burning edge off while I'm on it. So I'm taking a LOT less medication, which I like a lot. And surviving so far.

But then, yeah, that's still what I do. Survive.

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