December 02, 2003
Writing & submitting

I submitted "For You" out to NFG today. Keeping my fingers crossed there, of course.

"Glimmer" is still out to Fantastic Stories. 133 days. I looked at the information on the Black Hole and the current average seems to be around 200 days and it looks like that isn't a final response but an interim response. So I'm going to have be in for the long haul there.

So I reread the story again, after 133 days of not looking at it. The story itself... the overall *story*... is still good. I still like it, even though I've been told it's not a story, it's an image. Don't know. But I like what it says... I'm just not sure it's saying it quite right. The writing tripped me in places. If it comes back rejected, it gets reworked again before it goes out. Not worth reworking it now.

"For You" on the other hand I'm still pretty pleased with. So it went out as is.

I need to start writing again. Or at least editing what I have. Finding some mote of creativity within me and applying it to fiction. It's hard to live the dream when there's hardly any energy to even dream.

[Listening to: Make it Last - Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts (03:58)]

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