February 14, 2004
Marriage is love is marriage

Most people will know that I'm woefully undereducated when it comes to life and politics and the real world. I'm just not up on current events.

But I have my thoughts on things.

I have always believed that marriage should be about love, and about protecting those you love. About supporting those you love.

I have always found the concept that someone could not get married simply because of gender horrifying. I've always found that while children may be born to heterosexual couples who do not love them, or even beat them, children of homosexual couples are considered endangered.


Think about it, world. The word is love. Yes, it's that simple. Love.

People talk about family values. But I'm not so sure that some people have the same view of family that I do. To me, a family is a group of people who care about each other. Who would take each other's pain upon themselves in order to take that pain away and make life better. Family is about love.

Family is not about abuse or hate or staying together just because the world says it should be that way. Family is not about the dark things, nor should it be.

If we want to promote family values (and I would love to promote those sorts of values that I think *should* be valued), then we need to look at what makes a family a family. What makes a family worth BEING a family. And it comes back to love and loyalty and caring. Whether a family is a heterosexual couple, or a homosexual couple, or a triad, or a commune. Do they care for each other? Are they a *FAMILY*? It they are, then let them marry. Because THEY know what marriage is, as opposed to that couple that had the restraining order and where he knocked her down the stairs or she ran down the street after him to bash his car with a baseball bat. Hate is not family.

I want to see the people I care about able to express their love by making a committment if they wish. I want to see them able to protect their family members by bringing them under the umbrella of insurance and power of attorney when they are ill. If a couple has the devotion to be together for twenty years WITHOUT being able to be legally wed, why is the couple who marries on Wednesday and divorces on the following Tuesday somehow better, just by being heterosexual?

I think sometimes that the world has an odd view of family. An odd view of love. Me, I'll vote to support what I see as love and family. Because to me, that's important.

I support marriage (whether the members of the marriage are het, gay, or otherwise). Because I support love & family.

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