February 16, 2004
Books from Boskone

As we left for Boskone, Kevin informed me we wouldn't be buying many books because he didn't have too many on his "must buy" list.

He was right. For himself. He bought 3 1/2 (the 1/2 we are sharing) books. Of course, all his were hardcover, which certainly upped the total bill.

The rest... which were numerous... are mine. So, I'll share here what I picked up for books, in case anyone's just dyin' t'know what I'll be reading. And these will get added to the other 200-300 on my to-read pile. *smiles*

From the freebie table...

Joss Whedon, the Genius Behind Buffy
_Blood will Tell_, by Jean Lorrah

To be given away to get other people hooked...

_The Black Jewels Trilogy_, by Anne Bishop

As I already own the originals of these, and utterly adore Anne, I feel I must share her and get others hooked. I happened upon a half-price copy of the omnibus edition and it will be traveling to ACUS with me. Have to figure out the best direction to point it. *grins* My husband has tried to convince me that I should keep it as a loaner copy, but I like giving books I love.

And mine, all mine (except the Wen Spencer, which is mine and Kevin's)

_Trickster's Choice_, by Tamora Pierce
_A Perilous Power_, by E. Rose Sabin
_Seduced by Moonlight_, by Laurell K. Hamilton
_Tinker_, by Wen Spencer
_Spirits in the Wires_, by Charles de Lint (half price)


_Absolutely Captivated_, by Kristine Grayson
_Kissing Frogs_, by Laura Marie Altom
_All Night Awake_, by Sarah Hoyt
_Holder of Lightning_, by S.L. Farrell
_A Wizard Alone_, by Diane Duane
_Clade_, by Mark Budz
_The Magician's Guild_, by Trudi Canavan
_The Secret Country_, by Pamela Dean
_The Hidden Land_, by Pamela Dean
_The Whim of the Dragon_, by Pamela Dean
_Master of Ecstasy_, by Nina Bangs

And some of my comments...

I picked up three romance novels because they all just looked like fun and entertainment and well, quick light reads. I need those once in a while, especially after I've spent a half hour crying over a Connie Willis ending or two weeks plugging through the richness of deLint description.

_Master of Ecstasy_ is a time travel vampire romance novel. C'mon, how could I resist???

In _Kissing Frogs_ the back cover describes a biologist who finds a unique frog that will make her famous, and gets so excited that she kisses it, releasing a trapped prince! But she wants her famous frog back!

_Absolutely Captivated_ is a romance story with a 150 year old mage at the center of the story. Loving that.

The Pamela Dean novels caught my eye because of the title of the third book (some of you will get that amusement). I picked them up because they are a YA trilogy and were on Glen's table (and he's got good taste in YA) and because I have a weakness for crossover novels (five people get transported into a game... you know the type).

_Clade_ and _Magician's Guild_ are mysteries to me... their back covers sounded interesting, and they intrigued Jenn too. Kev is interested in those as well, so once I've read them, I'll toss them onto his to-read pile.

I've been waiting to pick up _Tinker_ and the Laurell Hamilton. So I'm psyched to get those. _Spirits in the Wires_ I've been resisting, so when Kev bumped into a half price copy he jumped on it for me.

All in all, quite a few books, and I'm really looking forward to the reading. Right now, though, I've got to finish up _Paper Mage_, which I started during Boskone when I finished up the Barb Chepaitis novel I'd been reading.

Posted by Deb Atwood at February 16, 2004 04:29 PM | TrackBack

I didn't know the Dean trilogy was back in print. Thanks for alerting me to that.

Posted by: MikeF on February 16, 2004 08:41 PM
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