March 09, 2004
Book Review: A Wizard Alone

A Wizard Alone
by Diane Duane
paperback from Magic Carpet Books (Harcourt), 2003

This is the sixth volume in Diane Duane's Wizard series... I can't wait for the seventh to come out. I always enjoy these wonderful YA books and am looking forward to sharing them with my kids someday.

Possible spoilers behind the cut...

A Wizard Alone continues the story of Kit and Nita, with Nita and her family still in mourning after her mother's death (last book). Kit is asked to look into the apparent disappearance of an autistic boy (who hasn't actually *disappeared*) who is still on his Ordeal after several months. Meanwhile, Nita stumbles onto the same boy while she grieves.

The story explores the process of grief, autism, and as always, the fight against good and evil. It is a page turner, and enjoyable, and excellent for almost all ages I think. Not every topic is easy, but they aren't told in a way that would terrify a child. It's good stuff.

If you like YA novels, I highly recommend this series. I can't wait for the next one.

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