March 13, 2004
Wish 88: In Your Wildest Dreams
Do you ever dream about games and characters? Do you incorporate the dreams into your games? How? Has it been successful or unsuccessful?

I used to dream incredibly vivid dreams. My sugars must be better or something -- I learned when I was diabetic that low blood sugar induces dreams and sleepwalking. Now that I'm not low, byebye dreams. *sighs*


I do remember dreaming about the very first Amber campaign I was in. I walked up to my GM and said "I dreamed that Jenny found out that Brand was really her father." This was before the whole plotline (which he had already started) came to fruition. I dreamed that Jenny found out who was blackmailing her, and that it was her father, and that she freaked out (good reaction -- she did in game too).


Not really. I work things out in dreams. Puzzles. And games are puzzles to me, so it only makes sense that occassionally my characters should be able to grab a few CPU cycles and work on their own puzzles in my dreams.

I wish I could remember more game related dreams. I know there have been more over the years, but they have been forgotten. No really good ones recently, except for dreaming that I was at Ambercon. *smiles*

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