May 08, 2004
Book Review: Hamlet Dreams

Hamlet Dreams
by Jennifer Barlow
Aardwolf Press, 2001

Picked this one up off of a review table because the artwork and the description appealed to me. I love the cover art by Frank Wu. Something about the color and flow truly appeals to me, and obviously it did its job.

The back blurb included the quote "psychosexual ambiguity" which just tweaked my interest.

Spoilers behind the cut...

I have reached the point in my writing career where less polished writing does detract from the read for me. I read through this fairly quickly. I liked the concept -- a man who discovered a whole other world long ago, and now that he has fallen in love, the world fights to keep him.

The story is interesting. The concept is interesting. But the writing fell flat. While it read quickly, it was more because there wasn't something that really grabbed me. I could skim it, and grab the parts I liked. I wanted something meatier. THe topic almost begged for a greater depth of intensity.

So, in summary -- idea: good, but execution: not so great. I'd very much like to see the author grow further into her ideas, because I really really like the idea.

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