June 23, 2004
Catching up on Book Reviews

So... it looks like I last posted a review back on May 8th. It is now about six weeks later, and I've got 7 books in the queue for reviewing. Hopefully I'll get those written up sooner rather than later. If you want a sneak preview, do the clicky thing. Titles behind the MORE...

Spirits in the Wires
by Charles DeLint
hardcover from Tor, 2003

Believing is Seeing
by Diana Wynne Jones
hardcover from Greenwillow Books
a collection of previously published short stories

The Broken Citadel
by Joyce Ballou Gregorian
paperback from Ace 1983
originally published by Atheneum in 1975

by Joyce Ballou Gregorian
paperback from Ace 1983
originally published by Atheneum in 1977

The Great Wheel
by Joyce Ballou Gregorian
paperback from Ace 1987

The Wolf of Haskell Hall
by Colleen Shannon
paperback from LoveSpell 2001

The Lone Wolf's Child
by Patricia Rosemoor
paperback from Harlequin Intrigue 2000

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