October 31, 2004
Book Review: Silver's Edge

Silver's Edge
by Anne Kelleher
trade paperback from Luna 2004

Wow. Probable spoilers behind the cut...

I am impressed. The book started slow, which for me isn't usually a very good sign. She drew me into the characters and their lives. She made me believe in them. And then when she started making changes, started showing that the world wasn't just black and white but oh so very very grey I was utterly hooked.

Anne Kelleher does a wonderful job of creating a three dimensional world where I'm not entirely sure who to root for all the time, and not sure what will happen next. But it is all plausible and dark and terrifying and wonderful all at once.

The only problem? While the story of the one night of Samhain ends, the overall story does not, and I am left aching for the next book in this series.

Silver's Edge is the story of the Silver Caul, which was Made to bind the Mortal and Faerie realms away from the Goblins and keep them safe. And of the consequences of that action, and of actions against it. It is the story of Nessa and Delphinea and Celia, all of whom act in the best interests of their homes. It is a series of love stories, as well as stories of passion and the fascination that exists between Faerie and Mortals.

I loved it.

Posted by Deb Atwood at October 31, 2004 09:10 AM
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