January 25, 2005

Again, not book reviews. And not even in any particular order. I read four in December, and the other five since the new year, and honestly, I can't remember which were which. Two were Christmas presents (thanks!!!!).

So... the final total for 2004 was 56 books.
Total so far for 2005 is 5.

Trickster's Choice
Trickster's Queen
by Tamora Pierce
hardcovers from Random House (2003, 2004)

These are Tammy's latest YA novels. And wow... these are not merely YA. I didn't like the very opening, when it seemed like she was trying to get past it in a hurry so she could get to the meat. But once she reached the story, they were just lovely.

A Taste of Blood Wine
Freda Warrington
trade paper from Meisha Merlin (2002)

This has been on my to-read pile for 2 years, and I'm glad I finally picked it up. Think romance plus vampire novel in the good way. I had a fun time with this and loved the twist on the vampires. It was actually a little sweeter than I expected (the last book of hers I read was a bit darker) but I still enjoyed it.

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Lemony Snickett
hardcover from Harper Collins (1999)

This is Dani's book. My copy is somewhere or other. Dani received it from Aunty Jenn for Christmas, and we read the first four chapters together. Then she ran off and devoured the rest on her own, leaving me to finish it myself. When she gets book 2 out of the library I wonder if I'll have time to read it too before she returns it?

Elizabeth Bear
paperback from Spectra (2005)

Eee!!! I can say "I knew her when" but as she says, I can also say "I know her now." *grins* The main character of HAMMERED has special memory for me, since I first heard of Jenny while walking to dinner with eBear on the first time we met face to face years and years ago. And the book is well worth the read -- go get it now. Then read it. Then scream because you have to wait until June for book 2. Then be happy that you only have to wait until June.

A Crack in the Line
Michael Lawrence
hardcover from Greenwillow (2004)

Ooh, twisted and wonderful. I was out driving after reading this and came to a point where I made a conscious decision whether to do (or not do) something. And I thought to myself... crack. There's a crack.

Luck in the Shadows
Stalking Darkness
Traitor's Moon

Lynn Flewelling
paperbacks from Spectra (1996, 1997, 1999)

Ooh... lovely. Best part is, Lynn says it's not a trilogy, it's a series. Worst part is, Lynn writes slowly and book three of the other series is next I believe. But I do adore Alec and Seregil and everything she has done with them.

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