February 22, 2005

Five books this time, bringing the 2005 total to 13. Although one doesn't really count since it's a silly romance I just found on my to-read pile and figured I'd read it while walking it downstairs.

The Corset Diaries
Katie MacAlister
paperback from Onyx Books, 2004

I laughed and laughed. One of the funniest (and funnest) seduction scenes EVER. Wonderful wonderful stuff. Romantic. Silly. Comedic. Tart. Bright. Fun.

Sudden Fire
Elizabeth Oldfield
paperback from Harlequin Presents, 1993

Cheesy little romance, but not nearly so stiff and annoying as most of the European ones (which all assume that women are wilting violets who want overbearing pompous ass men). Quick and enjoyable and didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Weather Warden Series
Ill Wind
Heat Stroke
Chill Factor
Rachel Caine
paperbacks from Roc (2003, 2004, 2005)

Oh, go get these!!! Hot!! Fun! Sarcastic! Adventure! They just rolled right on through and dragged me along with them. I read the first two just before Boskone and was thrilled to pick up the third there (and read it by the end of the night last night). I really truly enjoyed these, and heartily recommend them to someone who likes a bit of magic with their mundane, and romance (with twisted entanglements) with their adventure.

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