March 11, 2005
Three Books

Ran the gamut this time, from YA to Dark Romantic Fantasy, to pure Romance.

The total for 2005 is now 16. Not quite two books per week, but I'm trying!

When the Beast Ravens
E. Rose Sabin

I've read the first two in this series. The first started slow but encouraged me to come back. I liked the second better, where she went back into a past story of the school. This book returns to follow the first in time, but I was so far removed from it that I had trouble keeping up.

At times it felt like she had too many characters, and I wasn't getting a close enough view of each of them. I couldn't keep track, couldn't gain sympathy for any one of them. Of the three, this is definitely my least favorite. Will I buy the fourth? I'll have to figure that out when I get there.

Dreams Made Flesh
Anne Bishop

Ohhh... Mm.... *purrs* Lovely!! Four stories by Anne back in her world of the dark jewels and they are just WONDERFUL. I loved the way the stories were singular, yet also woven together in a perfect tapestry. Love stories. Dark stories. Both at once. Anne rocks. Anne just rocks.

If you have read the trilogy, go buy this now. If you haven't read the trilogy, go buy that, and buy this, and read them all. NOW.

Men in Kilts
Katie MacAllister

*giggles* I like Katie MacAllister, for pure fun and silliness. A mystery writer goes to a convention in England and finds herself soon in the Scottish Highlands and getting married to a sheep farmer. It's a rollicking romance that just flies along, and again, she has the best seduction scenes!!!

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