June 11, 2005
Of course, we needed more books!

Went over to Maria's and picked up some more books today -- all ones we'd preordered, plus three that sort of leapt onto the pile as I was paying. *whistles innocently*

I really need a vacation of just reading, so I can get caught up!

End in Fire
by Syne Mitchell
paperback from Roc, June 2005

The COmpass Rose
by Gail Dayton
trade paperback from Luna, March 2005

Silver's Bane
by Anne Kelleher
trade paperback from Luna, June 2005

Urban Shaman
by C.E. Murphy
trade paperback from Luna, June 2005
(and the handprint on the cover is eerie)

The Hidden Family
by Charles Stross
hardcover from Tor, June 2005

Dervish Daughter
by Sherri Tepper
paperback from Tor, March 1986
(and yes, now I have all three, in a little pile, together!!!!)

by Kelley Armstrong
paperback from Bantam Spectra, June 2005

Beyond the Pale
by Savannah Russe
paperback from Signet Eclipse, June 2005

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