June 17, 2005
Bringing the total to 41

Being sick is good for one thing -- reading. Since falling ill, I've read five books in the times when I'm unable to sleep because I'm busy hacking up a lung.

I've been trying to keep my reading light and fun and things I don't have to chew to hard to get (because honestly, when I'm reading these days, there isn't a lot of brain power to do the chewing!). These five books all fit the bill and were a lot of fun. And this brings me to a 2005 total of 41 so far.

The Hidden Family
Charles Stross
hardcover from Tor, June 2005

I have to be good and not issue spoilers. Suffice to say... better than the first one. And it has an ending, so it is safe to read the two together. The only thing I *will* say? While it *did* end... I still screamed at the ending.

If you don't want to buy hardcover, go get it from the library. *grins* Interlibrary loan if you have to. And enjoy!

Urban Shaman
C.E. Murphy
trade paperback from Luna, June 2005

This is Murphy's first book, and I'm very much looking forward to more from her. I enjoyed this story of a shaman who didn't know she was a shaman, trying to save the world one city at a time (we'll start with Seattle). Because it's a Luna title, I kept looking for who Joanne would hook up with romantically, but honestly, I didn't find that doing that looking stole anything from the story for me.

And I loved the male characters. I can't wait to see more of both Morrison (the boss!) and Gary (the 73 year old AMAZINGLY flirtatious and buff cab driver).

Bet Me
Jennifer Crusie
St. Martin's Paperbacks, August 2004

Oh, I think this is one of my favorite Crusies. I loved the different theories of love, and the way the interwoven love stories flowed. It had a decent bit of meat and tangling, and a good bit of confusion and befuddlement on the part of both male and female leads. If you're a romance fan, pick this up. But then again, Crusie is almost always a winner.

The Royal Treatment
Mary Janice Davidson
Kensington, February 2005

Derik's Bane
Mary Janice Davidson
Berkley Sensation, January 2005

Davidson is also the author of the chick-lit vampire series which began with Undead and Unwed (one of the MOST hysterically funny vampire novels I have EVER read). I think The Royal Treatment is one of her meatiest novels so far, and perhaps the one I've enjoyed overall. The story revolves around Christina, an American in an alternate world where Alaska was never sold to the US and instead became it's own kingdom by revolting against Russia. And King Alexander has decided that this commonor from the US is the perfect bride for his son, David. The story is less romance and more about fitting into a strange world, and the differences between customs, and exploring what royalty in a world that isn't quite ours might be like. And all told in the chick-lit voice and very funny.

Derik's Bane, on the other hand, is the lightest of her pieces so far. I finished it in about an hour last night while I couldn't sleep. This is a werewolf story, and an end of the world story, and a story about how prophecy can be twisted to do the things you want it to do. Fun and silly, and well perfect for when one has a coughing fit and can't sleep despite desperately wanting to.

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