May 31, 2004
For Those Who Remember...

I have restarted the story of A Twisted Weave (Book 1 -- Dreamline) over on LiveJournal. If you do decide to read it, I would love it if you get an LJ ID and friend it, just so I can have an idea of how many people are following along (I'm infinitely curious, y'know).

I have begun the story again from the beginning, and am revamping the first parts, moving some things around, and trying to make it a tighter story. This is something that is for fun for me. There are things that I know make the story highly unlikely to be publishable, but it is still something I want to have fun with, and use to sharpen my own skills.

Episodes will be posted three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and the weekend (Fri/Sat or Sun). I hope to see you there. *smiles*

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May 26, 2004
A Campaign in Review

As others are looking at their charter members for their games, and who is left, it has me thinking about A Common Disaster, and where it began, where it went, and who is left.

In a way, it saddens me, because of the originals in FoH, none are left, and of the originals in RoP, only two remain. However, I'm also thrilled to have the players I do have, and to have been able to watch this campaign grow and shift and change throughout the years. It has been shaped by the characters in the game, and I love that.

A Common Disaster is actually a set of 4 worlds, and 4 games, originally designed to be run in parallel. Only two were ever successful (Paths of Confusion and Whim of the Serpent never got off the ground properly).

Fires of Home began in May 1996 with two members. [Note that FINN = BRAND]

  • Duiliath, son of Drake & Tryslora, grandson of Finn, played by Craig ??? [RETIRED]
  • Kieren, daughter of Drake & Tryslora, granddaughter of Finn, played by Jenn Jackson [RETIRED]

In October 1996 I opened up the game to add new players

  • Jamethiel, daughter of Tryslora, played by Josh Katzman
  • Darius, son of Martyn, grandson of Finn, played by Dustin Crewell [RETIRED]
  • Martyn, son of Finn, played by Chris Gladis [RETIRED]
  • Aduran, son of Tryslora, played by Daryk Zirkle [RETIRED]

Later, two more characters were added, before the game was finished.

  • Dorian, grandson of Finn, played by jenn crewell [RETIRED]
  • Holden, son of Brand, played by Michael Curry [RETIRED]
  • Daphne, daughter of Holden, played by Julia Frizzell [RETIRED]

So out of all the player characters, only one is still actively played. Three others have crossed over out of Phoenix and into Amber, but are not currently active or played.

Rite of Passage began at Ambercon 1997, as a one shot game that turned into both an ACUS Campaign and a PBEM. It has had its fits and starts over the years.

The charter characters of Rite of Passage are

  • Brendon, son of Deirdre, played by Brian Stanley
  • Frederick, son of Benedict, played by Scott Olson [RETIRED]
  • Ivan, son of Fiona, played by Cliff Wallach [RETIRED]
  • Rhiannon, daughter of Julian, played by Bridgette Ruggles
  • Gabriel, son of Corwin, played by Rob Bergeron (recast to Amber DiTullio)
  • Ben, son of Corwin, played by Andi Blija [ON HIATUS]
  • Bridget, daughter of Bleys, played by Brian Moore (renamed to Regina, made NPC)

Later, the following characters have been added.

  • Hawke, son of Gerard, played by Keith Cripe
  • Anna, daughter of Caine, played by Josh Katzman (recast to BriAnne Searles)
  • Cadmus, son of unknown, played by Paul Weimer
  • Mireille of Rebma, played by Mike LeVay [RETIRED]
  • Jack, daughter of Random, played by Djinn
  • Corwin, son of Oberon, played by Rich DiTullio

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May 08, 2004
Book Review: Hamlet Dreams

Hamlet Dreams
by Jennifer Barlow
Aardwolf Press, 2001

Picked this one up off of a review table because the artwork and the description appealed to me. I love the cover art by Frank Wu. Something about the color and flow truly appeals to me, and obviously it did its job.

The back blurb included the quote "psychosexual ambiguity" which just tweaked my interest.

Spoilers behind the cut...

I have reached the point in my writing career where less polished writing does detract from the read for me. I read through this fairly quickly. I liked the concept -- a man who discovered a whole other world long ago, and now that he has fallen in love, the world fights to keep him.

The story is interesting. The concept is interesting. But the writing fell flat. While it read quickly, it was more because there wasn't something that really grabbed me. I could skim it, and grab the parts I liked. I wanted something meatier. THe topic almost begged for a greater depth of intensity.

So, in summary -- idea: good, but execution: not so great. I'd very much like to see the author grow further into her ideas, because I really really like the idea.

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