September 25, 2004
Books Read

Yet another entry of books read in the past month or so, but without more than a mini-review. 7 books in this entry.

Wren to the Rescue
Wren's Quest
Wren's War
Sherwood Smith
YA paperback from Firebird Books, 2004

I've been waiting for this trilogy to come back into print ever since I read Crown Duel and Court Duel by Sherwood Smith. They were as much fun as I was expecting.

Kissed by Magic
Gloria Harchar
paperback from Lovespell, 2004

It was a romance, and it was fun. I rather liked the heroine pretending to be insane and talking to pixies. *giggles* We're not talking great literature, but it wasn't bad either.

The Glasswright's Master
Mindy Klasky
paperback from Roc, 2004

I think this is the end of the Glasswright's series. There are some tough moments in this set, tough things for the characters to get through. In the end, they ended up rather where I expected them to be, which I liked. Overall, a good series, although I think the first one's still my favorite of the lot.

His and Hers
Pamela Bauer
paperback from Harlequin, 1987

Hey, I was working my way through reading large junks of my random romance collection. Not really all that much one can say.

Owl in Love
Patrice Kindl
paperback from Puffin Books, 1993

Wow. Go read this one, just for the voice of the main character. Owl is so amazingly, believably alien and teenager all at once, it works perfectly. I have been told Patrice Kindl has written a second book -- I have to find it.

Posted by Deb Atwood at 03:00 PM