November 21, 2004
Five books

Been doing some reading while in the moving process. All behind the cut, along with possible spoilers.

We're lacking in publication information this time around, because all the physical copies of the books aren't with me.

I Thirst For You
by Susan Sizemore

I've read a lot of vampire romances. This is the first one where I was like "yup, rape fantasy" right off the bat. I read the book, I finished it. But I wasn't enthralled by it. I just couldn't get into the "he takes her blood by force, they're destined to be together, she realizes she must be his mate" whole thing. It was too... contrived.

You Slay Me
by Katie Macalister

Oh, this was just lovely fun. I've already loaned it to Audrey. I saw men reading it at Albacon. Aisling Grey discovers all kinds of things about herself, and her relationship to the demon world (a demon is summoned and he's a Newfie with attitude!!). It's a romance, it's a mystery, it's spec fic. It's just plain fun.

Dead Witch Walking
by Kim Harrison

I've heard both good and bad about this one, and personally, I had fun with it. i liked the main character, she kept me interested, and I read it pretty damned quick. I loaned it to Audrey.

The Witches of Karres
by James H. Schmitz
hardcover (re-released)

The Wizard of Karres
by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, Dave Freer

Normally I wouldn't pick up a sequel to a book I've loved since forever that was written by people who are okay. But this one came recommended by someone I trust, a person who would've hated it if it wren't done right.

So I reread Witches first. And loved it as much as I ever loved it. And was left wondering whether it could ever be published new today, as pulpy and wonderful as it is.

Then I read Wizard. Ohhh... such wonderful Karres yumminess! They captured the essence and style of the first so nicely. And set it up for a third novel (just like the first always sounded like there should bea second). And yes, I'll buy it because they did SO good and it's buying into me wanting to see Goth grow up. Would I recommend it? Yes. It didn't break the original. It added to it, and grew it, and addedto the mythology and only in good ways. Lovely, lovely stuff.

Posted by Deb Atwood at 11:34 PM