December 29, 2002
New Character -- Haley

Starting a new game -- Games Without Frontiers -- and therefore a new character. Haley's new webpage is up, but without a lot of information.

As always, non players in the campaign are welcome to read everything on the page. I ask that players don't read the quiz answers or short stories or stuff, just because I'd like to you to meet Haley as the game goes along. *smiles*

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September 30, 2002
New Character

Joined a new game recently -- Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained -- in which I'll be playing Florimel. I'm really looking forward to it. I've never actually played in an Elder's game before. And I've set up a Flora I'm really interested in, and to top it off, she's married to Luke. *laughs* I think its going to be interesting.

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July 18, 2002
Kale's Room

Bridgette asked us to describe our character's room for Age of Retribution

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June 17, 2002

Kale from Bridgette Ruggles' Age of Retribution campaign has been added to the Voices. Kale's a fun character, and interesting to play -- she's not got all the brain cells that most characters do. Okay, so you might, if you know me, say that most of my characters don't have the sense they were born with. And for some of those characters (Adrienne in particular!) you would be SO right. But Kale does have sense. What she doesn't have is most of her life packed into her head in neat compartments that are actually accessible on a daily basis. She lives day to day (which reminds me that I forgot to put her small soundtrack up -- I'll have to do that tonight). So she's a little... scattered. But she's a great writing challenge in finding the voice for her backstories. And she's wonderful to play now. And Bridgette's doing a damned good job with AoR!

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