January 29, 2003
Icky Fish

We've decided that the fish have a small case of Ick. Yes, Ick. There is a fishy disease called Ick.

The treatment is actually pretty simple. We added medicine to the tank, and took out the charcoal filter so that it wouldn't strip all the meds out of the water. This means there is more oxygen bubbling through the tank.

The fish really seem to like the bubbling. Most of the ones which are left (the tetras -- both types, and the algae eater) are all very active and chasing each other about. So this weekend we'll go look for a bubbler for the tank. I think that'll make them happier in the long run. We hadn't though we needed one because its a smaller tank.

The fish are still a really peaceful thing. Dani likes to watch the fish and play while she is in bed, before she goes to sleep. She loves them. And I'm glad they make her so happy.

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January 28, 2003
A Fishy Calamity

Well, we have had our first, and our second, fishy calamity. On Sunday evening Dani called out to us the BlackMolly was sick. And tonight we lost the marble molly.

Dani's upset. Not as upset as I'd expected, actually. She's got a good, level head on her shoulders. Although from past experiences, we should get sudden nighttime hysterics in about two months. I think that's how long it took for the reality of Chester being gone to hit.

We think we've got a minor bug in the tank. Kevin's going to go pick up some stuff to treat it with tomorrow after work. Hopefully we won't lose any more fish before then. I think I'm going to also suggest he pick up a small fishbowl in case we need to quantine the ones we think might be ill.

Wow, the whole fish thing seemed so *easy* at first!

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December 07, 2002
Please Mommy, Can I?

We're out at our time share for the weekend -- just a nice little bit of relaxation and get away. There's a carpet sweeper in the closet, which we use after dinner to clean up after the kids.

Dani calls it the quiet vaccuum. She loves it. She loves the real vaccuum, but thinks it makes too much noise. So she won't let us use the carpet sweeper here -- she has to do it.

Today we baked cookies. Bought one of those packages of just put on the cookie sheet types, so that we could do something silly and fun. Dani picked them out, and placed them, and we just put them in the oven. *smiles* So she baked the cookies.

Why is this funny? Well, of course, she was going to get a cookie -- she baked them. And she wanted to clean up after dinner. So what does she say?

Mommy, I can have a cookie AND use the vaccuum?!

Am I lucky or what?

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November 18, 2002
Harry Potter

I'd do a movie review, but do I really need to say more than, we enjoyed it?

Dani had such a great time. There were only two moments she was scared. One was during the big spider scene. Dani leaned over to tell me she was a little scared. I offered to take her on a bathroom trip and we'd be back when the scary part was over. She looked at me like I was insane and stood her ground. Then the very next scene -- with hundreds of spiders chasing after Ron and Harry -- she was laughing hysterically. Everyone in the audience is on the edge of their seats, and my daughter just thought that spiders chasing a car was SO funny. She's been talking about it ever since.

She's definitely my daughter. She has an awesome sense of the surreal, and a great separation of fantasy and reality but the ability to truly enjoy fantasy. She's got a great imagination, but doesn't allow it to get the best of her. She's going to do well in life. She's an amazing little kid.

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August 13, 2002


At the party, Dani showed off her "Seal" to Aunty Jenn and Aunty Liz got a couple of snapshots of my flexible little girl. I'm so proud of how well she is doing with her gymnastics class!

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August 08, 2002
Its a Spider!!

[This is from this morning, as Dani is playing with Ryan and I'm buzzing around getting ready to leave for work...]

Dani started screaming. "Mommy! Mommy!"

I was in the living room, pulling on my socks, and being frustrated because its so hard to get anything done when Dani is being clingy. Finally I yelled back, "What?!"

"Mommy! There's a dead spider on Ryan!"

I was confused, and surprised. A dead spider on Ryan? I'd just set him down, in clean clothes, in a clean stroller. Where did the spider come from. "Where?" I yelled back.

There was a pause, and I figured she was looking at him again, and then she yelled, "On his head! Where the bandaid was where he got his stitches!"

When I finally managed to stop laughing, I choked out, "Dear, those *are* the stitches!"

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July 29, 2002
Cute Kiddisms

Today I had to pick Dani and Ryan up early. Well, actually, Kev picked up Ryan and I met him at Dani's place and then took both kids home while Dani went off to golf league.

So since we had so long, I asked Dani to help me out so I could also throw a load of laundry in. Which was when we discovered something.

Whenever Dani shouted "boo!", Ryan laughed. Whenever, wherever. She could be in the next room, randomly scream "boo!" and Ryan would start laughing uncontrollably. It certainly helped!

Then later, while Dani and Ryan ate, I was making pizzas for dinner. I use these shells (low Weight Watchers points) from Hannaford, and tonight I was making pesto pizzas instead of using tomatos or tomato sauce. I made one with sliced romas, yellow peppers, and scallions, then sprinkled with parmesan cheese. The other had fat free chicken tenders sliced on it, then the parmesan. Both actually looked really pretty, and Dani was watching as I made them. And then Dani smiled and told me, "Mommy, you are *so* Good Eats!"

Can we tell Dani watches a lot of FoodTV with us? *grins*

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July 24, 2002

Dani is so adorable. The other evening I asked if she would like me to braid her hair before bed so that she would have curly hair in the morning. She was all excited -- she wanted her hair to be curly like Aunty Liz's. You see, on Friday, Dani and I had finally noticed Liz's perm (which I have been told I've managed to NOT notice for like the entire time since before Ryan's birth *sighs*).

So now, for the past two days, Dani has braided her hair and night, and in the morning we've brushed out her wavy hair and pulled it back in two barrettes ("*Barrettes* like Aunty Liz, Mommy. NOT a ponytail!"). And she looks SO adorable with her hair in a little wavy fuzz about her face. I've got to get a picture of her somehow but my camera is still broken (can't afford a new lens right now). *sighs*

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July 17, 2002
Gymnastics Lessons

Dani's gymnastics lessons continue, and she loves them! She doesn't practice as hard as Rachel, but then, maybe that's my fault. We are so whirlwind around here every evening, and she doesn't think of it. I should probably encourage her.

She wants to keep going, so she'll take more in the fall. Unfortunately, she can't be in the same class as Rachel in the fall. We're going to try and do class on the same night at least so they can watch each other for a bit. But they are right -- Dani isn't patient enough or disciplined enough to go on to the next class yet. The ten months difference is really huge sometimes as I watch them together.

Dani watches the big kids as we go in and out of the gym. She is fascinated by the tumbling, and really wants to be able to do what they do. I'm going to get her a leotard or two, and I think if she has one she can "play" with at home, she'll be encouraged to do more practicing too. And its cool to watch her.

She has my flexibility, which is both good and bad. It means she'll need to really work to get any flexibility in the shoulders, so starting young will just help her in everyday life someday if she can gain that. But her natural flexibility in the legs and toe point are both excellent. She's got a lot to work with, and she likes it, so its a definite to keep on going.

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June 26, 2002
Pajama Party

Okay, now this is cute. Today Dani's daycare had a pajama party. So off she goes to school wearing her Disney Princess nighty, and her Disney Princess bathrobe. And a part of me is thinking, she's wearing *pajamas* outside the house. And then I realize... she's got a sundress to change into if she wants clothes, and y'know what, the sundress and the nighty are really all about the same sort of thing. She could just as easily wear one or the other.

But it was so adorable. The staff brought PJs too, I guess, so it was really going to be a complete pajama party, and the kids are just SO excited to be wearing PJs to school.

I can't wait to hear all about it this evening.

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June 25, 2002
Dani's First Gymnastics Class

Tonight was Dani's first gymnastics class. We started out by going over to visit Audrey and Rachel for dinner, then we herded the girls into the cars and went over to World Class Gym for the gym kids class.

Dani had a wonderful time! They started out with a little tumbling. They bounced on a platform launch and both feet up onto one side of a foam donut. Then jumped into the middle, then back up onto the other side, then off again. Run along the mat, then climb through the tunnel. Then hop on one foot across another set of mats, and lastly, climb up onto the high end of a triangle and do a somersault down it.

She did forward somersaults and backward somersaults. She played with a ribbon and stretched out. (I wonder when she'll find my own ribbons from when I did rhythmic gymnastics). They did balance beam (Rachel walks backwards on the beam very well). And they ended with the trampoline.

I thought Dani was afraid of the trampoline. She was nervous as she climbed onto it, sticking one toe out cautiously as if she were entering the water and it was too cold. But then she started bouncing.

She was all over that trampoline. Coach Brenda showed her how she wanted her to bounce -- to jump up and do a side split before landing. And Dani did it! She's so petite that she just launches herself into the air. Then she went over to the other trampoline and leapt across that one.

Both girls were really wound up by the end, but definitely raring to go again next week. And me, I'm glad I get some time to spend with Dani on my own, which is something we haven't gotten a lot of since Ryan was born. And it was absolutely wonderful watching the girls as they giggled and laughed and enjoyed themselves.

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