April 19, 2004
Diet: Lunch, 4/19/2004

Lunch was a favorite "pretending to cheat" lunch. Had an 8 pt lunch, consisting of enough food to keep me stuffed for most of the rest of the day.

Weight Watchers Mac & Cheese (4 pts)
weight watchers chicken marsala (3 pts)
2 Grandma's Guilt Free Cookies (1 pt)
Diet Soda (0 pts)

The two meals are so cheap in points that I can make this incrediby filling lunch and feel like I'm cheating. Is good.

I have leftover asparagus in the fridge for later, when I need a snack.

Posted by Deb Atwood at 12:59 PM
Diet: Breakfast -- 4/19/2004

Keeping myself honest at the risk of boring all of you.

3.5 Point breakfast today, with a 1 Point snack for later this morning.

Breakfast Sandwich
-- 2 slices organic low carb bread made with olive oil & rosemary, toasted
------ very flavorful, a bit heavy, better than many low carb breads
-- snippet of low fat ham
-- slice fat free cheese
-- little bit of low fat margarine
-- 1/2 c egg beaters with veggies, scrambled

I'm still hungry after this, which might be lower amount of carbs. The two slices of bread together came out to equal 12g of carbs, before fiber, and I'm not sure that's going to be enough to keep me going.

On the other hand, brought 1 1/2 c of beautiful fresh strawberries which I will snack on shortly. Mm, yum.

Posted by Deb Atwood at 08:25 AM